frown «frown», noun, verb.
1. a wrinkling of the forehead in deep thought, anger, or disapproval: »

a frown of concentration.

2. any expression or show of disapproval: »

Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are (Hartley Coleridge).

1. to wrinkle the forehead in deep thought, anger, or disapproval; scowl: »

The more he wrestled with his homework, the more he frowned in concentration.

2. Figurative. to look displeased or angry: »

The heavens…are angry and frown upon us (Shakespeare).

3. to look with disapproval: »

The principal frowned on our plan for a picnic just before examinations.

4. to have a threatening aspect; lower.
1. to express by a frown: »

He frowned his disapproval. She smiles preferment or she frowns disgrace (Richard Brinsley Sheridan).

2. to drive or force with a frown (down, off, away): »

He frowned down all his opponents.

[< Old French froignier, probably < a Germanic word]
frown´er, noun.
frown´ing|ly, adverb.
frown´less, adjective.
Synonym Study intransitive verb. 1, 2 Frown, scowl mean to produce a forbidding look by lowering or drawing the eyebrows together. Frown suggests a stern look indicating strong anger, mild displeasure, or merely concentration: »

The teacher frowned when the boy came in late.

Scowl suggests a sullen look indicating bad humor: »

He is a disagreeable person, always scowling.

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